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» Open auction for old bardana and PP Bag
» Document need to be uploded on portal/ limited tender for supplying of PP Bags
» E Tender for Transportation and Handling work of Wheat purchased on MSP for RMS 2024-25
» E bid for registration of bidders for transportation & Handling of MSP purchase materials year 2024-25.
» Rajfed Black List farm
» BIS Consultancy for Rajfed Cattle Feed Plant.
» Tender document for supply of PROM to KVSS/GSS F.O.R. in Rajasthan
» Limited bidding for supply of 'A" Twill Gunny Bags for Rabi 2023
» Tender documents fo NIB 2023
» Tender documents for supply of Spare Parts, Hardware & Bearing for F.Y. 2023-24
» Letter for seeking proposal on sealed envelop for Rs. 3500 crore CC Limit on Government Guarantee prior to 23.05.2023 up to 3.00 PM.
» NIT for GSS
» Bid for supply of SSP to KVSS/GSS in Rajasthan for 2023-24 from registered companies with Agriculture Deptt. GoR
» Appointment of Transport & Handling Agents for MSP Wheat Procurement in Rajasthan for RMS 2023-24
» E-Tender for Handling & Transportation work of MSP Rabi 2023-24 -Tonk District
» Tender for transportation of Indane domestic and non domestic LPG Cylinders in Jaipur City for 2023-24
» Corrigendum letters w.r. to Tender documents for H& T work for MSP 2023-24
» Trems for Corrigendum letters w.r. to Tender documents for H&T work for MSP 2023-24
» Tender form Check for Corrigendum letters w.r. to Tender documents for H&T work for MSP 2023-24
» Handling & Transportation work during 2023-24 for MSP Procurement in Rajasthan
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Legal proceedings on Showcause notice by Principal Commissioner, CGST Jaipur

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Guidelines for procurement of Wheat under MSP for RMS 2024-25

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Letter to All Dy. Registrars regarding H&T rates for 2024-25

Internal Audit of Rajfed for the year 2023-24

Advertisement for providing Rajfed Godown situated at Sanwad, Udaipur on Rent

Terms and conditions for RAJFED QR APP

List of blacklist firms (as on 24.01.2023) for MSP 2023-24

Download Dealership Registration Form

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