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Commercial Trade
RAJFED regularly undertakes purchase of agricultural commodities for sale in general market. The quantities vary from financial year to year depending on other procurement activities. The yearly trading figures are as follows :
Year Crop Purchase 
(in Crores Rs.)
2011-2012 Mustard, Cumminseed, Gram, Coriander, Udad, Soyabean 31.15
2012-2013 Mustard, Gram, Barley, Soyabean, Bajra 40.94
2013-2014 Mustard, Gram, Barley, Bajra, Cumminseed, Coriander 38.38
2014-2015 Barley, Soyabean, Bajra, Moth, Moong, Guar 24.45
2015-2016 Mustard, Barley, Soyabean, Moth, Guar 15.44
2016-2017 Mustard 18.89
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